Thursday, May 29, 2008

Service Learning

On May the 28th our group was down stairs in the lunch room cleaning the school store. We came up with a cool idea for what we want to have in the school store. Me, Juliene, Jessica, Veesna, Tab, and John we went on a trip to 5 and below to get prices on items for the school store and the other group members that stood back were Arlette, Brandon, Morgan, Mo, and Marcus they worked on the bill and made sketches for the room like how we were going to put the room and hopefully next time our group meet we are going to measure the room to see how much space in the room

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Of Mice And Men (Motifs)

There were a lot of motifs in the book Of Mice And Men. The motif that i choose was strength and weaknesses. Everyone in the book had there strength and weaknesses in the book Of Mice And Men. The first Strength and Weakness I am going to talk about is George's and Lennie's. These two friends or cousins share not quit the same weakness George's strength is that he's a leader he doesn't take nothing from nobody. On the other hand his dear friend Lennie he is a little bit mental, basicly he had a man's body but the mind of a 3 or 4 year old kid. He is obsessed with rabbits and he is a hard worker but his weakness is he has a thing of petting things to hard and ends u killing what he is touching. There is another character i want to talk about Curley he is the guy who is short and thinks he's tough his strength is that his dad owns the farm and he gets to boss everyone around and because he used to box and was once welterweight champion his weakness is that for messing with the wrong people and bossing people that he thinks is weaker than him so he messed with Lennie and he broke Curleys hand. The next person i'm going to talk about is Curkeys wife her strength was her beauty and she wanted to be a  movie star but her weakness is that she married Curley and is stuck on a farm with working men and she is a tease. You can learn a real big lesson from all of this every one has there strengths and weaknesses even I do. I am going to let out my strength and weakness for an example my strength is my family and friends my weakness is the streets. What I mean is that the streets aredangerous and I be out there all day but I have a family that takes care of me.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

10 Questions- Of Mice And Men

(1.) Why did George kill Lennie? George killed Lennie because he did it out of love because if he would have not killed him all the other guys were and he couldn't see that happen.

( 2.) Why was Lennie crying in the barn? The reason why Lennie was crying in the barn was because he killed his puppy for petting it to hard. 

(3.) What was the plan that George and Lennie had for there future? They had a dream that they were gonna get there own place they were gonna have a farm with a cow, pigs, chickens, and rabbits and Lennie got to tend the rabbits and feed it alfalpha. 

(4.) Why is Crooks away from all the other men from the farm? The reason why Crooks is away from all the other men on the farm is because he is the only colored man on the farm so he can't bunk with all the other guys. 

(5.) What happen to Curly's wife when her and Lennie were in the barn together? Lennie broke her neck because he was petting her hair and she wanted him to stop because he was messing her hair up and she tryed to get away but Lennie didn't leave her go. 

(6.) Why were George and Lennie looking for work? They were looking for work because they needed money so they could buy there small place and keep livin there lives? 

(7.) Why did Curly hit Lennie? The reason why Curly hit Lennie because he was frustrated because his wife had left and because he found his wife alone taking with George. 

(8.) What do Curly and his dad have in common? They are both very stupid and think they run everything and they always picking on someone smaller or people like Lennie.

(9.) What do you think is going to happen know since George killed Lennie? I think that George is going to keep on working and he is going to take Candy to live with him and he is going to grant Lennie's wish and is going to get rabbits for there farm but George is nothing without Lennie.

(10.) What you think would of happen if George wouldn't have killed Lennie? I think that either way Lennie was gonna die because all the men were going to go and kill him so better him do it than a man that just wants him dead because he dosen't like him.

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

service learning reflection

The first day of service learning we talked about a school lounge but then we found out that the project was already taken so we decided to do a school store we brought up our opinions on doing the school store and everyone in the group agreed.

Monday, April 21, 2008


This movie is a wonderful movie. I liked when Jim figured out how to take care of himself. though he didn't do it alone. Jim had help from the British, Americans, and the Japanese. The power and the emotion that Jim had in this movie because he was inspired by air planes ever since he was kid. He lived in China with his mom and dad they were a wealthy family. His dad was a wealthy man and was known throughout all of China. Then a war began with the Chinese the Japanese and the United States they took everyone from china and put them in concentration camps.When they were trying to get out of China Jim and his parents were separated. He was all alone stuck in China with Japanese soldiers.He was a good kid trying to take care of himself and also others. He was confused in his own little world. He was friends with Americans, Japenese and British. Jim wanted to be an American and he also wanted to be a Japanese air force pilot.It was outstanding that he survived through the whole war without getting sick or shot.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008


The genetic disorder so called Autism this disorder is likely known

Monday, March 24, 2008

Lorenzo's Oil

The story is about a 8 year old kid name Lorenzo he was dignossed with ALD, this disease is very deadly the effects to this disease is deaf, brain effects, bleeding from the mouth, mute, not able to walk, or pick up utensils. His parents took him to the hospital after he had some strange reactions in school in Washigton D.C they moved there from Africa. Then Lorenzo had a great fall off his bike on christmas day which had caused him to get stiches and the other fall he had was from a chair trying to grab an ornament from the chritmas tree. The doctors at the hospital began to run some test on poor Lorenzo the doctors found out that he had the disease called ALD which no one never new about it had just gotten it's name like a year or so back. They told Lorenzo's parents that he was going to die by the time he turned 10 because at that moment the doctors or scientist did not have any cure to the disease Lorenzo had. Lorenzo's parents trusted the doctors but they kept Lorenzo on a diet which was only increasing his blood pressure which if he goes over c 24 he could die. His parents took him off the diet and his mother found a scientist that had pure olive oil with no fat or transfat in it so they gave Lorenzo his medicine mixed with the olive oil and the funny thing is that he loved when his parents told him stories so every time Lorenzo's father would tell him a story. The next day the scientist called and said that his results decreased by 50% great progress but the neat few days the percent stood still in one spot. The Odons were very depressed  about the whole situation there son Lorenzo couldn't speak the doctors put him on a diet that could cost Lorenzo his life and on top of that no one beleaves the Odon's  that they may have found a cure to the evil and deadly disease ALD. Lorenzos father has been every day struggling in the library trying to study the deadly disease that poor Lorenzo has. Lorenzo lives after the movie his father found a cure for his disease he was given an award and medical degree for finding the cure to ALD. Lorenzo can see, hear, but he still can't talk or move because there are some things that you can't fix in your brain but he communicates with his mom and dad.